Mac and Cheese Books

Mac_and_CheeseI bet that you are wondering what a “Mac and Cheese” book is. A “Mac and Cheese” book is my term for a light read. Something easy, something that doesn’t weigh heavily on you when you are done, and something that doesn’t require much effort to read. It’s a book that might not have perfect writing, or even a plausible story, but one that you find some joy in all the same.

I read these books when I am in need of something that doesn’t require a lot of thought, won’t cause my emotions to jump all over the place, and that will satisfy my hunger to consume written material.

One such series is the Beautiful Creatures series, co-authored by Kami Garcia and Margeret Stohl. They’re a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, since it’s not something I would usually pick up and some of the characters and plot twists rub me the wrong way. That being said, I have read the whole series (to this point) at least a few times. They aren’t perfectly written, and the love story is a bit too much for me, but there’s something about them that pulls me in and keeps me there.

I read this kind of material when I am looking more for the experience of reading, than for the experience of a story. They’re like mac and cheese—perfect for satisfying your hunger in the short term, and rather more enjoyable than you’d like to admit. I would easily become tired of these types of books if they were the only kind that I read, but I like having them around.

They’re perfect when you are having a busy spell in your life and can’t dedicate as much thought or time to reading. That’s why they are my mac and cheese books. Easy, simple, and strangely sating.

Do you have any books like this? Or any suggestions for me? Have you read that series already?



16 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese Books

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you just need a light read to fall into and escape. Romance books do that for me. 🙂 Love the happily ever after! Debbie Macomber writes fantastic Mac & Cheese books. 🙂

  2. As much as I hate to admit this, the Fifty Shades books are my guilty Mac and Cheese books…. I like them for many of the reasons you gave in your post. I read a lot for both personal and professional reasons and every now and then I like to pick up a book that is pretty easy going.

    • That’s a series that I refuse to read, although I would probably enjoy them. I have to read for work too, and it’s nice to read something that you don’t have to, but something that also won’t draw you away from the things you need to pay attention to.

      • The ‘Fifty’ books are my shameful little secret! 😆

        I agree that it is always nice to read something for relaxation rather than professional purposes. I like a book that I can easily pick up and put down when work snags my attention away from it.

  3. One of my go-to mac and cheese book series is the McDonald Hall series by Gordon Korman. They’re about these two guys named Bruno and Boots who go to a private school and get up to all sorts of hilarious shenanigans. I read them growing up, so they’re both entertaining and give me warm, fuzzy nostalgia feelings.

  4. One book that I have found to be my guilty pleasure is a Ted Dekker book called Immanuel’s Veins – it’s a darker themed story and something I wouldn’t normally have thought to read of… but despite the darkness of it: it ended up being an easy, effortless read.

  5. I like ‘The Cat Who’ series by Lilian Jackson Braun and ‘The Culinary Mysteries’ series by Josi S. Kilpack. One terrific thing about the latter series is that she includes RECIPES so you can actually indulge once you’re done! Mac&Cheese books are part of my recreational reading. After classics, of course 😉

  6. Great title! I think of mac and cheese books as being ones that are sandwiched between the meatier memoirs. Chick lit comes to mind as does some trashy entertainment bio. Sometime to fly through, drag to the bathroom and finish in 2 days. Then after that, back to the powerful stuff.

    • It’s whatever works for you! I read them when I am too busy to spend brain power on the powerful stuff, so I usually take longer with them that I would with something I am really interested in. Sometimes I gobble them up pretty fast though.

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