Marshmallow Walls

MarshmallowsI’m very excited to announce that after a few long months of anticipation, one of my stories is finally live.

If you don’t like flash fiction, and you don’t like horror, I would not recommend this story. If you do, please have a read and leave a review!

You can find my story, Marshmallow Walls, here.

You can find other stories from the first and second issues of Fantasy Scroll Magazine here. I’ve been through almost all of them and there’s a lot of quality writing.

I wrote this story a long time ago, and it was sitting in a file on my computer for quite a few years. It was one of those stories that had been brewing for a long time and then one day it just sort of appeared. It has gone through a few edits, but nothing major. This is one of those lucky stories that didn’t need much after it was on the page. I started submitting things earlier this year and this was the first accepted story on my first submission.

I’ve had an excellent experience with Fantasy Scroll and its publisher, Iulian Ionescu. I was able to veto and/or approve any changes, ask questions (I’ve probably asked too many), and see one of my stories come to life all while being treated with patience and kindness.

This will be a short post because I hope that you’ll get your fill by taking a look at Marshmallow Walls.

Thanks, all! And best of luck to anyone currently going through the submission process!


7 thoughts on “Marshmallow Walls

  1. Aw flip – I was excited to read a story but I don’t handle horror well. At all. (Like, if I play Minecraft for a few hours alone late at night, my imagination convinces me that FREAKING PIXEL SKELETONS AND CREEPERS are going to kill me just around the corner).

    But congratulations 🙂

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