Writing Too Much

Writing Too MuchAs I have said before, I generally spend my days writing about boring things. I try my best to make these boring things interesting, and to tend to various audiences, but for the most part, when I write for work, I have a target in mind: this real estate community, this sales angle, this event, that holiday, and so on. While I wouldn’t say that it’s terrible work, my brain does need a break sometimes.

I love to write, but writing too much can be a bad thing, just as over-indulgence with just about anything else. Sometimes, even if I am writing something that I want to write, I get to a certain point where I just can’t write anymore. Either I will be forcing myself and the content will turn out to be unworthy of my expectations, or I have written until the inspiration has leaked out and hit a brick wall.

I never really stop writing, as I believe that thinking about writing, reading, and even conversing are all a part of writing in some way or another, but there are times when I need to tell myself to stop. For me, quality is much more important than quantity.

This is another reason why I don’t set goals for myself—either daily, weekly, or monthly. Forcing yourself to produce content passed the point of your creative threshold is pointless and you will end up with something that you aren’t satisfied with in the end.

It’s similar to energy, where you have a certain amount of it. Once it’s spent, you need time to replenish it before doing another lap. Our minds need rest just as much as our bodies.

To replenish my spirit, and to top up my writing reserves, I like to read, watch movies, play video games, and just be. Exercising my mind in other ways helps to inspire new ideas and to give me a jump start instead of running on empty until my brain just refuses to work anymore.

I usually get to that point after writing content that I find taxing, such as articles about funeral and estate planning, just before the holidays. Not that it’s bad content, it’s just tedious and a little depressing when it’s surrounded by holiday cheer and anticipation.

When do you decide to take a break, and what do you do to replenish yourself? Do you have certain things that you watch or play, or do you just listen to your brain and do whatever it tells you to at the time?

What bores you the most when writing?

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8 thoughts on “Writing Too Much

  1. Sometimes I get tired of coming up with my own content and binge on reading. 🙂 I’ll read three or four books in a few days, and then I feel like I can get back to writing my own. I’ve noticed, though, that regular exercise works wonders for keeping the creative fountain flowing.

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