My Meager Writing Resolutions

FireworksWhenever someone asks me what I do, I feel so strange when I reply that I am a writer. That I can say it and have it be true. Not part time, not aspiring, but as my career. It’s something I have worked for, since I was very young, and I never once let go of it—yet.

It’s not quite as I’d like, mind you, but I’ll get there.

Since it’s a new year, and everyone else seems to be doing it, I thought I would make a couple of writing resolutions for myself to help me to keep pushing, since that is sometimes the hardest part. You are probably aware that I don’t set writing goals for myself necessarily, so if you find my resolutions a bit odd, you needn’t be surprised.

1) Purchase a new book every month. I used to do this a few years ago. Sometimes I would even get one every paycheck. I have always believed that reading is a huge part of writing, and that to really become a revered writer, you first need to conquer the subtle art of reading. You need to learn to savor the simplest of words. You need to be able to take simple meanings from the longest passages.

I don’t want to read more, because I read an awful lot already, but I do want to read more new material. I plan to start hacking away at my TBR list by actually buying some of the books on it.

2) Finish writing that one story I’ve been working on. I have a short story that I have been writing for months. I haven’t been actively working on it. I add a bit, leave it for a month or two, then add a bit more. The story called to me long ago, I just haven’t finished pouring it onto paper (or a screen) yet. After I finish it, I suppose I will try to submit it to a small publisher of magazines.

I may also try to find the right home for a story that has received a couple of rejections. It’s a good piece, it just hasn’t found its fit yet. But, it will.

3) Do something nice for other writers. I try to provide good advice and conversation on this blog, but I’d like to do something more. Whether that means offering to edit a few shorts that have been rejected, or maybe even publishing a few on my blog so that they are at least published somewhere, I don’t know yet. Actually, if you have suggestions as to how I could really thank my readers and dedicated conversationalists, feel free to let me know.

And, to be honest, that’s about all I’ve got. I could say that I want to start jotting down that novel I’ve been dreaming about, or I could say that this year I will write an outrageous number of words, but that’s just not how I work. I’ll likely do what I want to, when the time calls to me, and do it better than I would had I forced myself.

What about you? Any writing resolutions this year, or are you more like me? Did you make any resolutions that you gave up on already?


8 thoughts on “My Meager Writing Resolutions

  1. I’m hoping to finish not only the story I’m writing, but the story I’m editing. And the one I plan to rewrite. And I’m hoping to give better advice for writers as well (one of my articles is getting a lot of views, so I guess I’m on my way). But a new book every month? Boy that would be nice.

  2. My goals are a lot like yours – get that one story finished, find the rejected one a home. Also, while I have a few magazine credits, I’m yet to break in to the book world (kind of hard to do if I never send my manuscript out, huh? Ha). Obviously would LOVE this year to be that year. Guess it’s time to kick off my lead boots of fear and get to it!

  3. I’m definitely more like you. I’ve set goals in the past that were kind of unrealistic, and I ended up disappointed when I never accomplished them. This year I decided not to set goals, but instead to set beginnings. For example, my book project has been sitting by the wayside since about last June because I worked full time in the summer to pay for tuition and have been in school full time since September. I ended up so stressed out and disappointed by the end of last year I ended up having a complete meltdown on new years.

    My first active thing has been to drop a class this semester and officially go part time. I realized I’m okay going at a slower pace, since the outcome will be the same, it’ll just take longer. In my spare time I’d like to get back to my book, and some smaller projects floating around in my head. My dad also keeps encouraging me to research on how to get some of my short stories published, so maybe I’ll finally find the courage to do that. I’m not sure yet, but this year I’m going to go at my own pace.

    • It’s quite freeing to make decisions for ourselves that eliminate stress, eh? I find I try to make those sometimes and feel guilty, but once they’re actually made I wonder why I didn’t change it sooner! Best of luck with your writing, and your short stories. Getting shorts published is fairly easy, it just means that you have to do a bit of research and reading up on where you want to publish, and adhering to their submission standards.

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