Writing Exercise: Monday Imagery

Imagery is essential to writing. Without it, we would be incapable of of creating anything for our readers to see. Which is the entire point of writing, isn’t it? To offer sight to the blind, and sound to the deaf? To let someone without children to glimpse what it is to have them, or to slip someone a favorite taste or smell?

In that light, I would like to play a game. Below you will find a picture. If you have the time and the desire to play along, please offer a few thoughts that describe how the picture affects you. What that picture pulls from your psyche and spits out in the form of words.

Mine would be: sweet smelling, cool morning, and thick air.

Tulip Field

My thanks, in advance for your participation. This exercise is so that we can gain insight into the minds of other writers and how they view things, and so that we can all practice our skills in describing imagery. It’s a simple task that may help to keep your writing brain going as we all trudge through another sleepy and task-ridden week.

Happiest of Mondays to you all!

I’ll be on Facebook until next time.


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