Readers’ Choice Wednesday

Alright, we’ve made it to another reader’s choice Wednesday (new name, it’s sticking). If you don’t know the drill already, it goes like so: either use this picture as a writing prompt to practice some descriptive writing, tell us what it reminds you of, talk about what kind of story would take place in it, or share a memory.

If you don’t feel like doing any of those, just enjoy a nice picture.

This picture means home to me. A place I will be returning to for a visit for the first time in many years. A place where everything is familiar and I know the curves of the shores like I know my own name. The air is heavy and sweet, the passing of time slow and quiet. A place where everything is all right even when it isn’t, and a place where you can fall apart and have loving hands put you back together again.

Nova Scotia

I hope that you all have a place like this of your own.

So, what does it make you think of? What memories does it prompt? What kind of a story would start here? how does it inspire you?

I’ll be on Facebook until next time.


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