The Wordsmith

BWell, hello there.

I’m Brittany; professional wordsmith extraordinaire, in case you hadn’t figured that out. What does that mean precisely? I eat, sleep, and breathe words. I put them in my tea and I wrap myself up in them at night.

Essentially, I take the raw ore of your idea, smelt it down, and turn it into something useful, precise, and elegant. You know, just like a blacksmith, but with words and such.

If you think you need my help, visit my website:, or find me on Facebook.


17 thoughts on “The Wordsmith

  1. You are a corrections officer, patrolling the beat, cleaning the literary streets, abolishing the riffraff from this respectable establishment…my husband plays a similar role–and makes the world a more pleasing place to live. Carry on the good work you do, worthy wordsmith! 🙂

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